Conveyance, Storage and Outfalls

    Beca has the knowledge on tap for engineering services in conveyance, storage and outfalls. We have the capability to work on a wide range of projects, including pump stations with pumps ranging up to 4MW in size with variable speed drives.

    Conveyance, Storage and Outfalls.
    Our team provides a comprehensive conveyance, storage and outfalls service that meets the needs for potable water and sewer pipeline systems. We have extensive experience in civil, mechanical and structural engineering in this area, including pipe design, pump and valve selection, hydraulic design, and transient analysis. We also provide seismic design of conveyance and storage systems, in line with guidelines from the US Lifelines Association.

    We have considerable experience analysing site and route selection, which covers elements such as intake design, input location, and the optimal route for pipelines. We can also design instrumentation and controls for electrical and conveyance systems, all aspects of geotechnical engineering, and the mechanical engineering required for pump stations and pipelines.

    Our team has extensive experience in investigating, modelling, consenting, designing and managing the construction of river, harbour and ocean outfalls for wastewater discharges. The largest of these was an outfall with a pumping capacity of 25 m2/s. Other large outfalls on both the east and west coasts of New Zealand have ranged in diameter from 600mm to 1200mm.

    Beca's experience in this area is long-standing, and stretches back to the mid 1970’s when several large pipeline and outfall projects in New Zealand were undertaken. With a large and experienced team, our Joint Venture status means we are able to call on additional resources from a large pool of offices and staff. We work closely with clients and stakeholders and strive to consistently meet project milestones and requirements.
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