Marine Engineering

    Beca seeks to provide its clients with integrated, holistic approaches to meet the needs of the diverse port and marine industry.

    Marine Engineering - Wharves Condition Assessment.

    Beca’s port and marine engineering services fall into three categories - coastal engineering and development, including marinas and beaches, port and harbour services and wharf and jetty services.

    Over the last 20 years, the approval process for obtaining planning, construction and occupation consents for coastal development of all kinds has become more complex. Beca works closely with the client to assess environmental impact as well as consider opportunities to create significant landmarks for public interaction and enjoyment.

    Due to the proximity of land and sea, port projects can experience a range of challenges from navigation and harbour traffic to landside and port access issues. Beca seeks to provide integrated solutions to meet the needs of the clients in this commercial and competitive environment. Our experienced team consist of port and coastal engineering experts, planners, designers, cost engineers and project managers.

    We have developed a sound understanding of port and industrial operations in many port expansions and industrial projects around the world. Beca staff is experienced in various project delivery methods including conventional as well as design-build or EPC approaches. This broad experience enables Beca to effectively assist clients with initial planning, investigation and environmental consenting work. We also provide asset management services seeking to maximise the useful life of existing facilities through condition assessment, material testing, load capacity analysis and repair methodology; aiming to deliver cost effective maintenance solutions.

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